Shedding Some Light on Light Therapy

Light Therapy PBM The Basics


Our bodies react to many different types of stimuli, including those that our skin, eyes and tissues are exposed to. As we know, when it comes to light exposure, these stimuli can have positive effects.  
Light therapy (also known as PBM, LLLT and chromotherapy) is based on the principle of exposing the body to certain ranges of light waves which, depending on the color (or wavelength), can bring us a multitude of benefits throughout the body.

What are Red Light Therapy and Other Light Therapies Good For?

The therapeutic exposure to light has been proven to cause many different benefits. Scientists are continually discovering new ways our bodies use light for our health and well-being.

Some of the many conditions that light therapies have been studied for include: 
Joint pain, including arthritis
Speeding up healing after injury
Depression and Seasonal Affective Disorder
Muscle pain
• Fat loss
Improvement of athletic performance, both as pre-conditioning or post-exercise
• Many different types of skin conditions, such as rosacea
Hair regrowth
• Sunburn and many, many more.

For example, if you suffer from pain that is related to muscles or joints, you may be able to improve it with red or infrared light therapy.
Or, if you are prone to SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder) or the wintertime blues, therapeutic light boxes using white and blue light could help. Scientists believe that the light causes chemical reactions in the eyes’ receptors that suppress melatonin production and improve your state of mind. 
As it is more economical than many alternatives, light therapy has been found to be an excellent complement to modern medicine when it comes to treating many different and varied conditions such as fatigue or muscle injuries, skin diseases or even depression.

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