RubyLux Red Light Therapy for Sunburn Before & After 

The day before yesterday, I stayed out too long in the sun without any sunscreen. So I used 5 small RubyLux All Red LED Bulbs (2nd Generation) on my chest the next day to heal part of my sunburn.  

I only did 2 sessions of 10 minutes each, spaced 4 hours apart. By the next day, the area was completely normal. No red color, no peeling and no pain or heat. 


Before & After Red Light Therapy Photos - Plus Control Photos

I burn easily and a burn like this never heals in 24 hours for me. To prove it, I took before and after photos of my shoulders, which were also sunburned and which I did not treat with the RubyLux bulbs. See below. 


First, here are my before and after photos (below), taken 24 hours apart. As you can see, the sunburn is completely gone and did not even peel. Note that in that 24 hour period, the area did itch a bit as it was healing. 


Sunburned Area Not Treated with Red Light Therapy (Below)

Below you can see the photos of my shoulders, which were not treated with RubyLux red light therapy. 

This photo (below) was taken at the same time as the "Before Red Light Therapy" photo of my chest (above). 


And this photo (below) was taken at the same time as the "After Red Light Therapy" photo of my chest (above).  Left untreated, it actually got more red and inflamed. 


Notes and Tips

1. Using red light therapy on the sunburned area did temporarily relieve some of the pain as an immediate effect. Ultimately, the more it healed the less it hurt.  


2. Don't try to use the RubyLux NIR-A Near Infrared Bulb (the non-LED type) for sunburn, as it gets hot and using heat on a sunburn isn't going to feel good. 

3. Don't overdo it. Remember that too much light will undo the benefits received in that particular session. Err on the side of too little treatment time if you're not sure. 

4. Be patient. Your sunburn won't be gone immediately after using the light. Wait at least a half a day to see any improvement to let your body have time to heal. 

5. It's okay to use other, non-light-based therapies to heal your sunburn and relieve pain the same day(s) you use red light therapy. Fresh aloe gel is an excellent choice. 

6. If your sunburn is bad, get to a doctor right away! This is especially true if you suspect any area is getting infected or is forming boils or blisters. 

7. Leave at least 3 hours between red light therapy treatments. 


Try Red Light Therapy for Yourself!

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