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Michael R, TX built his home sauna using our RubyLux NIR bulbs and he was kind enough to share some pictures and details. 

Cost of Scrap Wood Garage Sauna Total $176.99

4x RubyLux Grade B $69.99

2x Reflectix Insulation 48”x25’ $75.00

2x Reflectix Tape $7

4x Porcelain 600-Watt socket $8.00

18/2 Lamp cord $10.00

Scrap Wood Free!

Looks cozy and warm! Thanks for sharing, Michael! 

Nathaniel H., MN  built a sauna for his wife. He used 2-piece surface mount Leviton fixtures that he found at a local surplus store. It allowed him to build the panel below less than 3 inches thick. He stated: "I've spent about $80.00 so far not including screws, glue, and internal wiring which I had laying around. I also need a guard for the bulbs which I haven’t figured out yet. I think it would take me about 8 hours to make this with a hidden screw front, not including glue cure times. This was my initial intention but I made a mistake and decided not to correct it, so the funny part is, now have a hidden screw back instead of front."  You go Nathaniel! Our team at RubyLux thinks that you did an awesome job. We are glad that your wife enjoys it so much. 

Cassie B., MD  "....Here are a few pictures of the bulbs and different views of our DIY sauna. It is a small storage room that we added a space heater and bench to so it gets up to 118 degrees and we sweat out the toxins!! Feel free to add how much better we are sleeping and our joint and muscle aches have greatly improved as well."

We love to hear your success stories. If you would like to share them with others message us via our Contact Us page!