Before & After Photos of RubyLux Red & Blue Light Therapy for Acne

Below is Jessica before and after using RubyLux Red & Blue Light Therapy for acne. As you can see below, she got excellent results!

Before beginning her treatments with the RubyLux Red & Blue LED Bulb, Jessica had committed to taking her before and after photos 1 month apart. 

However, she was delighted to find that her results came in less than 1 week! 

Jessica used her RubyLux Red & Blue LED Bulb once a day for 10 minutes per treatment area. 



What You Should Do Next

Since it is a relatively low cost, effective, painless, and easy acne treatment, most people looking to treat acne would benefit from using red and blue light therapy. The RubyLux Red & Blue LED light therapy bulb would be the best way to try the therapy out. It is the least expensive option with the strongest potential light output. It also requires no contact, so it's more sanitary and keeps your hands free. I would highly recommend heading to our shop and purchasing a RubyLux Red & Blue LED Bulb.