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About RubyLux

RubyLux has come a long way! In only a few years RubyLux has established itself as a top manufacturer of specialty incandescent and LED bulbs and related supplies. Thanks to its focus on quality and effectiveness, RubyLux has become the brand customers and professionals trust most.   

RubyLux officially opened in 2014, selling infrared and red light therapy bulbs on the RubyLuxLights.com website and Amazon.com. It quickly grew through word-of-mouth as our delighted, loyal customers encouraged their friends and family to try RubyLux for themselves.

The RubyLux NIR-A Near Infrared Bulb emerged as the #1 best seller and has remained on top ever since.

RubyLux's LED bulbs began with DIP LED's, until the company released its 2nd Generation higher intensity bulbs. These have now become the safest and most effective bulbs of their kind.

RubyLux's office and shipping station are located in Manassas, Virginia.


RubyLux Founder Bambi Iversen About Us

A Word from the Founder of RubyLux

I learned about infrared and red light therapy products while battling chronic Lyme disease. At my sickest, I really wanted to try them, but the cost was in the thousands of dollars. Smaller devices for at-home use were hundreds of dollars.

Prices like those put these options out of reach for most people. That really bothered me because so many people need them. I was convinced that there was room to make a profit and still sell these products at prices people could afford.

I started RubyLux and it has been more successful than I ever could have imagined. Thousands of people use RubyLux products and every day I hear their stories through their messages, reviews and social media posts. I'm excited to be part of RubyLux and look forward to great things in the years ahead. 

Bambi Iversen

Founder & CEO of RubyLux


 Bambi Photo


More about Bambi

Bambi Iversen was born in Oklahoma to an artist mother and carpenter father. She grew up traveling frequently across the United States with her parents and younger sister, particularly in Oklahoma, New Hampshire, Massachusetts and Maryland.

Bambi always loved school, especially French class. Hoping to raise money for college, she enlisted in the U.S. Army. Later she graduated from George Mason University in Fairfax, Virginia with a degree in Accounting.

She worked in accounting, earning the Enrolled Agent designation and specializing in tax. When she got Lyme disease and multiple co-infections, however, the cognitive symptoms made accounting work difficult. As she investigated treatments for Lyme, Bambi discovered red and infrared light therapy. She decided then that she wanted to share light therapy with others who needed it. RubyLux was born soon thereafter.

These days, Bambi lives with her husband, Carlos, an engineer and racing enthusiast from Barcelona, Spain, and their beagle, Checkers, in Manassas, Virginia. She speaks English, French, some Dutch and is learning Spanish. She enjoys impressionist and other artwork, gardening, animal rescue, jigsaw puzzles, watching stand-up comedy, writing and reading about science and health. Oh, and Indian food. She likes that, too.

Bambi at Indian Restaurants