Why RubyLux?

RubyLux Certification and Quality Standards

All RubyLux brand bulbs are CE approved by the European Union and have always been certified and third-party tested. This is in addition to the rigorous quality control procedures RubyLux applies to all of its products.

Concerning Claims

Beware of companies claiming to have “just” received independent laboratory certification for their infrared bulbs. This indicates that previously, they have sold bulbs to customers without adequate quality control to ensure safety.
This stands in stark contrast to RubyLux brand bulbs, which have always been certified and independently tested. RubyLux has always made safety our top priority.

All RubyLux bulbs, including our best-selling RubyLux NIR-A Near Infrared Bulbs:
• Are independently tested for quality, conformation to specifications and absence of toxic materials.
• Are CE approved by the European Union to be free of hundreds of known toxins (YES, this applies to ALL RubyLux bulbs- even the ones sold outside of the EU!).
• Pass at least 4 layers of quality control and testing.
RubyLux continues to prioritize safety and quality for all products. It’s easy to see why RubyLux is the #1 best-selling brand in premium near infrared bulbs.

Some customers are concerned about the possible dangers of exposure to what they call Electromagnetic Fields, or EMF's. A similar concern is exposure to Extremely Low Frequencies, or ELF's. These two things are not the same thing, but people concerned about one of them will usually be concerned about the other. 

Do Your Bulbs Have EMF's (Elecromagnetic Fields) or ELF's (Extremely Low Frequency)? Dirty Electricity?

None of our bulbs emit frequencies in the ELF range. Usually, the biggest ELF risks are household electrical wires and the electrical cords of electronic products. So while RubyLux bulbs do not emit any ELF's, people concerned about ELF's should take care when choosing a lamp, lantern cord or fixture to use the bulb in. The best cords to use to reduce ELF exposure are electrical cords that are insulated. 
As far as Electromagnetic Fields (EMF's) go, RubyLux bulbs do not emit any EMF's in the range that EMF experts believe are potentially harmful. 
Another related issue is whether the bulbs put out what is referred to as "dirty electricity". We do not currently test RubyLux bulbs for dirty electricity, but we regularly hear from customers who do and all of them have said the bulbs emit very, very little dirty electricity. 

Difference between RubyLux NIR-A Near Infrared Bulbs and Any Other Brand:

 The RubyLux NIR-A Near Infrared Bulb is superior to competing brands. We invite you to take advantage of our hassle-free 60-day return policy to try them for yourself.

Below are some of the reasons to choose RubyLux over knockoff brands:

  1. RubyLux NIR-A Near Infrared Bulbs were the first bulbs of their kind in this market. 
  2. RubyLux continues to be the leading brand of NIR-A near infrared bulbs. It is ranked higher by experts, higher by Amazon.com reviews, higher by Amazon.com sales ranking, is most often Amazon’s Choice and has been named as one of the top producers of near infrared lights in the United States in third-party marketing research reports (despite the fact that the bulb is a specialized niche product). 
  3. In our comparison tests, RubyLux bulbs stayed true to their stated specifications, while competing brands did not. 
  4. In our comparison tests, all of bulbs sold by competitors released a strong chemical-smell on first use. RubyLux bulbs did not. 
  5. Many other brands have sold “shatterproof” bulbs containing PTFE, which EWG.org states releases toxic fumes at high temperatures like the bulbs reach. RubyLux has never sold such bulbs and will never sell products we suspect could be harmful in any way.
  6. RubyLux’s quality control procedures are unmatched. RubyLux does extensive quality control on every shipment here in the United States- after bulbs have passed quality testing at our factory and third-party testing. Factory-level procedures include our quality testing and inspection of every bulb, our third-party agent(s) analyzing randomized samples for in-depth inspection and testing before shipment, confirmation of the European Union’s CE mark denoting the bulb is free from hundreds of specified toxins (this is performed on all of our near infrared bulbs, even if they are not destined for the European Union), testing and inspection of every bulb upon arrival at our location in Virginia and then the selection of random samples for in-depth testing by our U.S. engineering team to confirm the reliability of previous tests.
  7. RubyLux has a 60-day hassle-free return policy, where customers can return items purchased from us for any reason.
  8. We constantly receive messages from customers saying they much prefer RubyLux bulbs over competitors’ bulbs (many buy one of each to compare and then return the one they don’t want). Customers specifically say RubyLux bulbs work better and that they can see and feel the difference even after a single use.
  9. RubyLux adheres to environmentally-friendly practices wherever possible in the course of business.
  10. RubyLux provides financial and other support for causes such as children with Lyme and other tick-borne diseases, homeless animals on “death row” and the less fortunate that have chronic and terminal illnesses. 
  11. RubyLux is a veteran-owned, woman-owned company.