Frequently Asked Questions


Q: When will my item be shipped and when will I receive it?

A: For information about domestic and international shipping, please visit Shipping FAQ Page



Q: Have your products been tested?

A: Yes. All RubyLux bulbs bear the CE mark, meaning that they meet the safety standards for their product category. For additional information, please visit Quality Standards Page



Q: How do I return an item?

A: For information on how to process return, please visit Return Page.


Irregularities in the Tint or Color of the NIR Bulb

Q: I bought a Grade B bulb and it has some irregularities in the paint/tint/color of the bulb. Does this make my bulb less effective than a Grade A bulb?

A: No. Grade B and Grade A RubyLux NIR-A Near Infrared Bulbs are equally effective. They have the same life, come with the same RubyLux Guarantee and hassle-free returns. The only difference is that Grade B bulbs have a minor cosmetic defect, usually one of the following:

  • There is an irregularity in the bulb’s tint or color.
  • There is a small piece of glass inside the bulb making a rattling sound. Since the bulb’s filament is enclosed in a second glass envelope, the small piece of glass does not damage the bulb or make it less effective.
  • The logo was not properly printed on the neck of the bulb.
  • The product box is damaged.

These defects are purely cosmetic. We usually tell people to purchase a Grade A bulb if it is to be a gift. Otherwise, the Grade B bulbs are an amazing deal. They are not always available, but if they are, they are discounted.


Dimmer Use

Q: Can I use my RubyLux NIR-A Near Infrared Bulb with a dimmer switch?

A: No, these bulbs should not be used with a dimmer.


Grade A & Grade B

Q: What is the difference between Grade A and Grade B?

A: The difference between the Grade A and the Grade B bulbs is purely cosmetic. The Grade B have minor irregularities in the red tint that is baked into the glass of the bulb. The performance, specs, CE approved status, safety, source and everything else about the two types are identical aside from those irregularities in the bulb’s cosmetic glass coloring. We tint the glass because most people have said they like the glowing red light and find it pleasant. However, the visible color of the bulbs is not usually the reason our customers purchase the bulbs. They are usually concerned about the heat and near-infrared light output.

We do not feel comfortable selling these bulbs for full price like one of our competitors does with their cosmetic defect bulbs. Although the difference is minor and doesn’t affect performance, we think customers have a right to know exactly what they are buying. So we differentiate between the two bulb types in case a customer does mind if the bulbs have any cosmetic paint defects or in case they are giving a bulb as a gift and want it to look nice.
The eye protection requirements are exactly the same for both types of bulbs.
For what it's worth, the Grade B bulbs are the ones the owner uses every day for herself. 



Q: How should I dispose of my RubyLux NIR-A Near Infrared Bulb?

 A: Dispose of your bulb as you would any other glass. We recommend sweeping up any broken glass with a broom and using a dust pan to pour the broken glass into a hard, sealed container. This is to prevent pieces of broken glass from falling out.

To dispose of an unbroken bulb, we recommend enclosing the bulb in a hard, sealed container because the bulb is likely to shatter at some point after it has been crushed by trash compactors.

Because RubyLux bulbs are non-toxic, no special handling is required for protecting against chemicals or toxins.