$1,200 Saunas? You Can Make Your Own for Less!

Updated October 28, 2022

We recently noticed that some companies selling infrared bulbs crop up offering near infrared saunas in a panel-style design for $1,200. We almost had a heart attack seeing the price tag. There is no amount of photoshopped photos or hot models in the picture worth you spending that amount of money on a piece of wood and a cage.

Not only does this price put near infrared light therapy and near infrared saunas out of an average person’s budget- it’s an absolute rip off.

Build a RubyLux Near Infrared Sauna for Less than $200

I know that not everyone is the best at DIY projects. I myself have two left hands, but if I can do it, so can you!

You can make your own near infrared sauna in less than an hour using our method. It’s really as easy as putting together a tall shoe rack, attaching a few clamp lamps and plugging them in. Depending on what you already have on hand, you can create a near infrared sauna with 4 bulbs for a max of $200. And you know what? We are giving away instructions for free!

If you want to learn how to make your own adjustable, customizable, low-cost and high-power near infrared sauna, click on the picture below.

Why Building a RubyLux Clamp Lamp Near Infrared Sauna is Better

  • It’s not $1,200. Not even close!
  • You don’t have to wait weeks for it to arrive from another country.
  • You don’t have to find a place to hang it. No need to hijack your shower or put new holes in your walls.
  • You aren’t limited to 3 or 4 bulbs. You can use however many you want.
  • You get all the light and heat pointed in your direction, since the lamps have reflector bowls on them.
  • You aren’t stuck with a cookie-cutter, fixed bulb arrangement. Our near infrared bulb sauna design is adjustable. Configure the lamps however is best for you. If you’re especially tall, short or want to focus on a particular area, being able to control the arrangement is pretty handy.
  • The angles are adjustable. The clamp lamps can be adjusted easily after you clip them to something sturdy.
  • You don’t end up breathing fumes from off-gassing from particle-board, plywood or adhesives. Our near infrared sauna requires no glues, chemically-treated wood or questionable substances.
  • You control the lamps you choose. If you want to avoid EMF’s, you can select a lamp that meets your requirements.
  • You can add to your near infrared sauna later on.
  • You can use your sauna setup with our large sized RubyLux All Red LED Bulbs to create a red light therapy booth. Or change the bulbs out to try green light therapy. Talk about versatile!
  • You can use the best-selling, most powerful, safest near infrared bulbs- RubyLux NIR-A Near Infrared Bulbs! Did we mention these bulbs are third-party tested and CE Approved?


With all these benefits, why on earth would anyone shell out $1,200 for a toxin-laden, one-size-fits-all plywood sauna? With barely any effort, you can make the perfect near infrared bulb sauna cheap and fast. Click here or click the image below to learn how to set up your own RubyLux clamp lamp near infrared sauna.


How to Make a Near Infrared Sauna with RubyLux Bulbs 


What You Should Do Next

After you read how easy it is to create your own near infrared sauna, purchase the lamps, RubyLux NIR-A Near Infrared Bulbs and near infrared eye protection you'll need.