RubyLux BioNase LED Nasal Therapy Device

RubyLux BioNase LED Nasal Therapy Device

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RubyLux BioNase is an all-new LED light therapy device for relieving mild to moderate sinus allergy discomfort.

The BioNase is a simple, portable device that runs on a standard 9-volt battery (not included). It’s compact and easy to bring with you everywhere.

To use it, simply lie down, place the nasal LED light inserts into your nostrils and press the green button on your BioNase. Each treatment lasts 5 minutes and eases nasal allergy symptoms for several hours. You can use your BioNase up to 4 times per day.

Each LED in the nasal inserts has a wavelength of 660nm, optimal for encouraging healing and stimulating immune function.

The RubyLux BioNase is painless, non-invasive and produces results within minutes. It has an extremely low side effect profile.