Create Your Own Custom 2nd Gen LED Bulb Package

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Create your own customized RubyLux package! Choose one 2nd Generation RubyLux LED Bulb and one pair of goggles!


With the RubyLux 2nd Generation LED Bulb, you get:

  • More light intensity,
  • Shorter session times with more effective results,
  • Hands-free use.


The RubyLux 2nd Generation LED Bulb is comprised of 5 high-intensity light emitting diodes (LED’s).


As with other RubyLux bulbs, this device is designed to fit into standard US lamps or light fixtures, which makes it a convenient, powerful option for at-home use.


This bulb requires only 5 Watts of power to operate effectively. Although it requires very little energy, it produces an extremely intense, diffuse light that can easily treat a 2 to 3 inch area hands-free. The Red is 660nm, the Infrared is 850nm, the Blue is 415nm and the Green is 520 nm. Best of all, the bulb’s light intensity allows you to get even better results faster than 1st Generation RubyLux Bulbs.


The RubyLux New 2nd Generation LED Bulb is available in 120V (such as the United States and Canada), and in 220V (such as Europe, Pacific Asia and Central/South America).


This Package includes 1 RubyLux 2nd Gen LED Bulb and 1 RubyLux Goggle.