Amber Light Therapy for Redness, Broken Capillaries and More

Even if you’re pretty knowledgeable about the uses for LED light therapy, there’s a good chance you haven’t gotten the full scoop about yellow light therapy, also sometimes referred to as amber light therapy.

It seems that with all the wonders of red and infrared light therapy, yellow light gets outshined. Here I want to talk about how amber light therapy can be used.


Yellow Light Therapy for Skin Redness and Broken Capillaries

The most common use of yellow light therapy is for skin redness. It is a shorter wavelength than red or infrared light, so it penetrates to a shallower level. While that might sound unimpressive on the surface, the truth is it penetrates exactly to the same level of sebaceous glands and hair follicles, where many capillary and pigmentation problems reside. This makes amber LED light therapy particularly effective against uneven pigmentation near hair follicles, redness, and broken capillaries.

Most unwanted skin redness comes from general reddening of the skin and broken capillaries. Yellow light therapy is perfect for targeting these specific problems. In fact, yellow light is so good at reducing inflammation in veins and capillaries, it has been studied for its ability to prevent vein inflammation from chemotherapy.



Amber Light Therapy: An Option for Sensitive Skin

For those with extra sensitive skin, red or infrared light therapy may be too irritating. Amber light provides a gentler alternative, perfect for people with highly sensitive skin.


Yellow Light Effects on Mood and Temperature Perception

Interestingly, yellow light may impact a person’s mood and even whether they feel the room is warm or cold. In one study, it was found that light with more yellow made people feel more calm. It also tended to make them rate the temperature as being warmer. 


Yellow Light for Meditation on the Third Chakra

Yellow light is ideal for use during meditation when focusing on the third chakra, near the solar plexus. Yellow is the color typically associated with the center of personal power.



Amber LED light therapy is a must-have in your skin care arsenal, especially if you want to reduce redness and heal broken capillaries. On top of that, it has a multitude of other uses, such as for calming or meditation. Give it a try!  

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